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1-05-CV-049053:  Antelope Valley Groundwater Cases (JCCP 4408)

Document #11522:
Type: Declaration in Support (Click here to view document)
Title: Declarations of {William J. Brunick, Robert G. Kuhs, Michael D. McLachlan, William M. Sloan, Richard G. Zimmer} in Support of Reply to Public Water Suppliers' Opposition to Motion by Private and Public Landowners for Order Approving Rules & Procedures for Appointment and Election of Watermaster Board Members 
Author: Brunick, William J. 
Filing date: 09/08/16 
Wm. Bolthouse Farms, Inc. Tejon Ranchcorp
Bolthouse Properties, LLC. Tejon Ranch Company
U.S. Borax, Inc. Wood, Richard A.
Antelope Valley East-Kern Water Agency  

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