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Antelope Valley Groundwater Cases (JCCP 4408)
Representative Information
Antelope Valley Groundwater Cases (JCCP 4408)
Case #1-05-CV-049053
Date filed: 09/22/05
Assigned to Superior Court Dept. 17c
Last document submitted: 6/11/24 8:31 AM


Rep. Name: Christopher M. Sanders
Email: ps@eslawfirm.com
Law firm name: Ellison, Schneider & Harris
Address: 2600 Capitol Avenue, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: Tel: (916) 447-2166 
Fax: (916) 447-3512  
Parties: County Sanitation Districts Nos. 14 and 20 of Los Angeles County
City of Lancaster
Grimmway Enterprises, Inc.
Palmdale Water District
City of Palmdale
City of Los Angeles